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Exhibitor Guidelines

1.  Exhibits must be interactive, educational and appeal to a school audience of grades 4-7.

2.  All booths must be set-up on Tuesday, March 11th.  Set up and “meet and greet” will be from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

3.  Exhibitors must commit to both days of the Expo.

4.  Booths MUST be staffed at all times during the operating hours of the Expo.

5.  A rest area for exhibitors will be provided during both days of the Safety Expo.  Coffee, tea, juice and water will be available.  Exhibitors are responsible for their own lunches.  Please note: There is no longer a full cafeteria in the Municipal Building but sandwiches and salads are available at Good Earth in the old cafeteria location.

6.  The distribution of flyers and giveaways at exhibit booths is strictly prohibited at the Expo.  However, exhibitors are asked to provide print resources to the committee that will be made available in teacher packages. Teachers will be invited to pick up packages at the Expo Information Desk as they leave the Expo.  Exhibitors are asked to provide these resources on or before the Exhibitor Information Session on February 7.

7.  This is neither a trade show nor a commercial retail opportunity.  It is City policy that there will be no selling of items in the Atrium.  Collection of personal information is not permitted.

8.  Exhibitors are asked to find ways of being creative in delivering safety messages.  With students coming and going at different times, it is difficult for exhibitors to do presentations or a lecture style format.

9.  All requests for space will be reviewed and determined by the Planning Committee. The City of Calgary will provide a standard booth space, 10’ wide and 4’deep, at NO COST.  A skirted table and two chairs will be provided if requested on the application form.  The Committee will try to accommodate exhibitors requiring more space.

10.  Exhibitors must provide a photo release for all staff/volunteers at their booth in order for pictures of their exhibit to be used for promotional purposes.  Download the photo release under “Photos and Media” and email to Cheryl Herperger at , or bring it to the Exhibitor Information Session or drop it off during set-up on March 11.