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Important Locations

The Safety Expo exhibits are located in the Municipal Building Atrium (800 Macleod Trail S.E.).

Click here for a map of the Municipal Building Atrium.

Workshops are located in various venues in the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts (205 8 Avenue S.E.) and in the John Dutton Theatre at the Calgary Public Library (616 Mcleod Trail S.E.).

Click here for a map of the locations of the workshop presentations.

The following is a list of important locations within the Muncipal Building:

Large Banquet Room (SE corner of Municipal Building)
This is volunteer headquarters and the exhibitor rest area.  Refreshments are provided all day for exhibitors and volunteers.

Visitor Management Centre 
This is the first point of contact for first aid attention, concerns regarding public visitors in the Municipal Building or anything safety related.  This office is located on the east wall by the glass elevators.

Washrooms and water fountains
Washrooms are located on the main floor on the east side of the Council Chambers, just north of the glass elevators in the Municipal Building.   The only water fountains available in the Municipal Building are in the washrooms.  Security personnel will be monitoring both washrooms on a regular basis.  If there are any concerns, contact the Visitor Management Centre.

See map for the location of washrooms in the Jack Singer Main Lobby.

See map for the location of washrooms in the Jack Singer Rehearsal Hall.

First Aid Station (AHS – EMS Exhibit)
EMS staff is available to help with First Aid if their assistance is required.

Safety Expo Information Desk
The Safety Expo Information Desk is located at the southwest corner of the Municipal Building, just inside the west entrance.   The information desk is the designated place to bring lost children and return lost items.

Bus Zone

Buses will load and unload on the west side of the Municipal Building along Macleod Trail

Lunch Zones
All students should bring their own lunches.  The lunch zone in the Municipal Building  is located on the north side of Council Chambers and beside the Calgary Police Interpretive Centre. Classes are welcome to eat lunch there at anytime.  If weather permits, classes may also access the outside space on the west side of the Municipal Building.

For safety and traffic reasons, students are NOT allowed to eat lunch in the +15, at the John Dutton Theatre or at the EPCOR Centre.   Thank you for your understanding.

Good Earth is available for light snacks and refreshments in the previous cafeteria location on the main floor.

Out of Bounds Areas (Municipal Building)
Students are prohibited from using the escalators going up from the main floor, stairs leading to the 3rd floor and elevators.