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Loading Dock

Access to the loading dock is on 3rd Street SE between 8th and 9th Avenue, right beside the daycare facility.

Exhibitors must use the first dock on the right hand side and must back vehicles into the dock as part of safety procedures. Once you have unloaded your items, you will be required to move your vehicle before proceeding to the Municipal Building atrium. The public parking lot is across the street from the dock or there is a parkade in the Municipal Building.  There will be Safety Expo Committee members who will assist you with unloading and ensure your display is taken to your booth in the Atrium.


Normal Loading Dock Hours of Operations are 0645 hrs to 1615 hrs, Mon to Fri (Except Holidays)

During Normal Hours of Operation Vendors/Service Providers are not authorized to occupy the loading dock with a vehicle for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Please be advised that Loading Dock Access may be limited during busy periods:
0800 -1000 HOURS, 1100 -1300 HOURS, & 1400 -1500 HOURS

All vehicles must back into the designated parking stalls and all vendors/service providers must follow the instruction of the loading dock guards.

Please be advised of the following procedural requirements for loading dock access or use by a vendor/service provider who will require access to the loading dock for more than a continuous 20 minute period.


If the “UNLOAD” process is > 20 minutes, the Vendor/Service Provider must:
• Unload all materials onto the loading dock
• Stage the material(s) in the main hallway, along the East Wall
• Remove their vehicle from the loading dock area.
• Return to the loading dock and move the materials to the designated area.

When the “LOADING” process is >20 minutes, the Vendor/Service Provider must:
• Stage all materials(s) in the main hallway, along the East Wall, prior to parking their vehicle in the loading dock area
• Move their vehicle into the loading dock and load materials.