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Photos and Media

It is important that teachers, volunteers, exhibitors and presenters are aware of the following:

  • The Safety Expo takes place in public buildings.  All who attend must be aware that at any time, a member of the public could be taking pictures or filming either inside or outside the buildings.
  • Media will be invited to the Safety Expo for the purposes of promoting the event and will be filming and photographing exhibits and workshops.
  • The Safety Expo committee will be filming and photographing exhibits and workshops for the purpose of posting materials on the Safety Expo website and developing future promotional materials for the Safety Expo.


  • It is the school’s responsibility to take any necessary precautions when there are reasons that certain students should not be photographed or filmed.


  • Exhibitors and presenters must get the appropriate permission and written documentation before taking or using any photos of Safety Expo attendees.

*Exhibitors and Volunteers, click here to download your photo release.  Please hand it to a committee member on March 13 between 12:00 and 3:00 pm in the Municipal Building during check-in, before the start of Expo or before your first shift.