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Preparation for Safety Expo

Over the two days of Safety Expo, more than 3 100 students will  pass through the Municipal Building Atrium.  An event of this scale can be overwhelming, so we have provided some tips to help make your experience at Safety Expo the best it can be.

Pre-Expo Checklist

    • We recommend that teachers do a site visit to the Municipal Building and the EPCOR Centre prior to Safety Expo, especially if you are not familiar with these venues.
    • Direct your volunteers to the School Volunteers section of the website for the important information they require.
    • Ensure your volunteers have a map of the venues.
    • Have students arranged in small groups with assigned adult supervision- students must be with an adult at all times. 
    • Students need their backpacks to carry their lunches, coats, pencils, journals/scavenger hunt and personal items.
    • Know your workshop schedule, designated lunch areas and bus pick-up times at school and at the Expo.
    • Know what time to line up for bus pick up at the end of the day. All busses pick up along Macleod Trail N (same as drop off).
    • Have students attach labels with their names and school to the inside of their backpacks and coats in case they are left behind or misplaced.
    • Please have students store coats in their backpacks.  It gets very warm in the atrium with so many bodies and students can get over heated.


Making the most of Safety Expo


Many classes use journaling in their daily work.  We encourage you to have your students bring their journals to the Safety Expo and use them to record their observations and reflections.  Below are some guiding questions to help you and your students get started. Feel free to change the questions to suit your needs.

    1. During your investigation of Safety Expo, what did you discover that would help you in your own life?  How would this new information make a difference to you?
    2. What can you do to help make your community a safer place?  What specific steps will you take?
    3. How do emergency services (Police, Fire and EMS) keep Calgarians safe?
    4. Which workshop(s) did you attend?  What surprised you about what you learned?
    5. You met many people whose careers are related to safety.  Which career did you find the most interesting?  What qualities would a person need to be successful in this work?  Would this be a good career choice for you?  Why or why not?
    6. Was attending the Safety Expo a valuable experience for you? Explain why or why not.
    7. If you were organizing a Safety Expo what would you want to see included?

Scavenger Hunt

Creating a scavenger hunt for your students is another way to help them stay focused on their learning during the Safety Expo.  Each exhibitor has provided 3 questions that students should be able to answer after visiting their booth.  Using these questions, create a scavenger hunt or question sheet for your students based on what you would like them to learn at the Expo.

Scavenger Hunt Questions


Arrival, lunch and departure procedures


    • The school bus drop-off/pick-up location is outside the Municipal Building on Macleod Trail N.  Please remain on the bus and a Safety Expo volunteer will meet you and guide your group inside.
    • The Information Desk is located at the south doors on the west side of the Municipal Building if you have any questions or require assistance.
    • Safety Expo Volunteers and signs are situated throughout the Safety Expo venues to direct and assist you.
    • Safety Expo Volunteers will be wearing black t-shirts or orange safety vests. They are also identified with a Safety Expo nametag.
    • Safety Expo committee members will be wearing red t-shirts.
    • In addition to our volunteers, security personnel are present in each venue and Bylaw, Police and Transit officers are present throughout the Expo to assist you.


    • All groups are responsible for scheduling their own meal times.
    • There is a Lunch Zone on the north side of Council Chambers in the Municipal Building Atrium and a small Lunch Zone outside of the Calgary Police Interpretive Centre.
    • If weather permits, the Municipal Plaza and areas surrounding City Hall are available for lunch breaks. If you choose to eat outside, please ensure students are not climbing on statues, especially the Police and Fire Memorial.
    • Please eat in these designated lunch areas only and remember to clean up all garbage.
    • Please do not stop to eat lunch in the Plus 15s.  Large groups stopping in these high traffic areas can create hazardous conditions.
    • As of December 21, 2012, the Municipal Building Cafeteria is no longer in service. Good Earth is now open in the same location and sell sandwiches, salads and refreshments.


    • Please ensure that all volunteers escorting your students know your departure time and location.
    • Please pick up your school sign from the Information Desk.  A member of your group should hold this sign as you wait at your pick-up location so that you are readily identifiable to the volunteers loading the buses.
    • Don’t forget to pick-up your resource package at the Expo Information Desk at the end of the day.  It contains valuable information, resources and giveaways provided by Safety Expo Exhibitors!