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Workshop Description and Schedule

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the workshop The Tool Box by the Calgary Police Service in the Founders Room has been replaced by Beyond the Hurt: Preventing Bullying and Harassment presented by the Canadian Red Cross.

We are pleased to offer seven workshops at the 2013 Safety Expo.  Each workshop is 45 minutes long and runs three times per day.

Workshop registration closed on FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 2013.  Each school is guaranteed one workshop.  However, we will do our best to register as many schools as possible into two workshops. Schools will be notified of their workshop and bussing schedule in early February.

Schedule A: 10:00-10:45/11:15 – 12:00/12:45-1:30

Poison Awareness and Prevention by PADIS (Poison and Drug Information Service) in the Jack Singer Main Lobby (200 seats)

This presentation is designed to educate about what is considered a poison, what to do if you or others around you are exposed, and how to prevent exposure. There is also a brief component raising awareness of poisons in the babysitting/home alone situation.

Hug A Tree and Survive by SCOUTS in the Engineered Air Theatre (180 seats)

“Hug A Tree and Survive” teaches children and youth how to be prepared for day-trips in nature and what to do if they become lost.

Internet Safety by Child Safe Canada in the Jack Singer Rehearsal Hall (120 seats)

Each year thousands of unsuspecting youth are misled by unsafe predators on the internet. Kids now, more than ever require skills to keep themselves safe while still having the privilege of accessing the net. This course will cover uses and abuses of the net, tricks used by unsafe people, chat rooms, personal information disclosure, and how to stay safe while surfing. All lessons will be interactive and students will receive a safety workbook/handout to take home.

Bike Safety and Tire Workshop by Two Wheel View in the JJ Young Room (30 seats)

Through this interactive workshop, the students will understand the importance of bike safety and helmet use, how to make sure their bikes are working well, are safe and how to patch a tire.

Schedule B: 10:30-11:15/11:45-12:30/1:15-2:00

Choices and Fire Safety by the Calgary Fire Department in the John Dutton Theatre (400 seats)

This is a two-part presentation for children and youth addressing fire safety, burn prevention and consequences of the misuse of fire.

Emergency Preparedness – Is Your Family Prepared? by CEMA (Calgary Emergency Management Agency) in the Arts Learning Centre (60 seats)

Learning objectives in this workshop include: understanding what a major emergency is, what steps to take to better prepare your family for an emergency, what a 72-hour kit is, and what items should constitute a kit.

Beyond the Hurt: Preventing Bullying and Harassment by the Canadian Red Cross in the Founders Room (60 seats)

Beyond the Hurt explores all aspects of bullying and peer harassment. It explores interpersonal power issues, impacts, rights and responsibilities of individuals, as well as intervention and prevention issues.

RespectED’s aim is to create safe environments, free from violence and abuse, especially for children and youth.  Since 1984, over 4.4 million children, youth and adults have been educated through RespectED.

Click here for a map of the locations of the workshop presentations.